BPM Tap Tempo App Reviews

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Dotted rhythms wrong

Dotted rhythms aren't calculating correctly. At 75bpm, says dotted 8th is 30ms


I love this app. I’ve had it as a staple for as long as I’ve owned an iPhone (since 3S). It has been invaluable for me in the studio as well as composing and songwriting. Love the new interface. Thank you so much

Keeps me right in line.

Quickly does exactly what you want it to do. It would be helpful to add a reset button, sometimes it doesn't like to change tempos drastically (if tapping out a new song). Instead, it will slowly count down beats until it hits a new average. I have gotten into the habit of restarting the app at the beginning of each song.

Handy app

Seems like a handy app. I'll use it with my band at rehearsals. One improvement that can be made is if the Tap button lights when touched. That visual cue would help out.

Very useful app

The Hz algoritham is a life saver. Although I wish the app would allow for .5 bpm values entered manually.

Much better than tap the beat

It does triplet values and frequency. It's 99 cents. It's ugly but I can deal. Good stuff!

Cmon, it's 99 cents

This app is a great value for what it does. While there is a free one out there, it looks like crap. I'll pay 99 cents for some aesthetics.


Only thing better would be if it could tag mp3s for djing.


Now there is no reason for those reverb tails and delays not to be in synch.

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